Writing assignment

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Writing assignment.

Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Format: 8.5″x11″ pages, 1″ margins, Times New Roman font, double spaced lines, indented the first line of each paragraph. Substantial errors in spelling or grammar will result in a reduction of grade. Student name and page number may be placed in a header within the margins, but this is not required (since Canvas will tell me who each paper was submitted by). Professor name, course name, date, etc. need not be included. File should be in .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word) format.

Content: In 2-3 pages (approximately 5 full paragraphs), outline what moral restrictions (if any) you think should apply to research performed on human subjects. Aim for practical recommendations rather than generalizations (though some generalization will likely be unavoidable). Your response will also be checked against an anti-plagiarism database, so be sure to attribute any sources you quote (I prefer this be done in footnotes, but if you prefer to add a bibliography, include that separately from the 2-3 page length.)

Writing assignment

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