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A major advantage that the Ottomans had against Constantinople in 1453 was   a. Greek fire.   b. the crossbow.   c. cavalry.   d. cannons.   e. the longbow. As a result of the Black Death,   a. there was an increase in anti-Semitism.   b. there was a decrease in anti-Semitism.   c. flagellation disappeared.   d. the population rose in Italian cities but fell in English and French cities and towns.   e. the Pope moved to Avignon Trade in Japan   a. was exclusively in agricultural products.   b. was the dominant economic activity in the society by 500 C.E.   c. involved no foreign trade after the eleventh and twelfth centuries.   d. was restricted only to Chinese merchants.   e. had reached a stage where quarterly markets were held in larger towns during the Kamakura period. Korea   a. adopted Chinese institutions in order to facilitate political centralization.   b. kept aristocratic groups from weakening their central governments after 700.   c. suffered an extended period under Qin control and rule.   d. had close diplomatic relations with Japan, in part because they shared a common border.   e. was occupied by Chinese armies and became Chinese provinces for over 1000 years before they could gain their independence. 2 points Agriculture in Japan   a. was insufficient to take care of the population, thus Japan depended upon importing rice.   b. takes place entirely in the mountains, with no extensive lowland or plains areas except on the island of Ryuku.   c. ended when Uji, the Yayoi leader, seized power after the Battle of Sapporo.   d. is possible on a significant scale on 80 percent of Japanese land.   e. was fundamentally changed by the introduction of rice cultivation about 400 B.C.E. All of the following about women’s lives in China are true EXCEPT   a. they were less desireable than male children.   b. women who married had to move to their husband’s joint families.   c. they were permitted to enter civil service if they could pass the exam.   d. footbinding was done to enhance marriageability.   e. after a transition, the bridge’s family had to pay the groom a dowry. The mainstay of the Chinese administrative system was   a. State Confucianism   b. The Department of State Affairs   c. Feudalism   d. Legalist Departments   e. The Civil Service Examination Who introduced Christianity into China?   a. Silk Road travelers.   b. Portuguese maritime explorers.   c. The Khanate in Russia transmitted it from the Orthodox Church.   d. Syrian merchants.   e. Marco Polo.