Week 2 Discussion: Kony 2012 – Studypool

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Week 2 Discussion: Kony 2012 – Studypool.

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  • Intial Response due by Wednesday 11:59pm
  • Response to TWO Classmates due by Wednesday 11:59pm

This week we are starting Project 1 which concerns the intersection of social media and activism. As such we are beginning our unit by watching a documentary style viral video Kony 2012. While this video is not a TED talk, we will be treating it as such. Heads up, the video is about 30 minutes long.

After watching the video, please answer the following questions.


  1. What is the speaker’s main argument? Or what is his thesis?
  2. Name at least 3 specific examples/pieces of evidence the speaker uses to support his argument
  3. What was the biggest takeaway that you had from this video? What interested you the most?
  4. How do you think the campaign Kony 2012 supports or deviates from “Small Change” by Gladwell?

Week 2 Discussion: Kony 2012 – Studypool

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