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1. List two to three reasons why you think it’s important to divide responsibilities among different branches of government. John Adams video quiz: 2. John Adams divided the power of the Massachusetts government so it would not be controlled by: a. An aristocracy. b. Congress. c. Britain. 3. The video says that Adams wanted an “independent judiciary.” This means he wanted: a. The president to be part of the Supreme Court. b. The courts to decide their cases without worrying about what politicians or the other branches of government wanted. c. People to support the Independent Party. 4. Which of these ideas was NOT part of Adams’ plan? a. The legislative branch is made up of two groups. b. The judicial branch is independent of the other two branches. c. Once the legislative branch passes a bill, the executive branch can’t stop it from becoming law. 5. In two to three sentences, write down what you think the phrase “checks and balances” means.    6. Write down one job of each branch of the federal government and describe how this work is checked by another branch.      Legislative Branch: Executive Branch: Judicial Branch: 7. Choose two words from the vocabulary list and write a new sentence for each word. Vocabulary words: responsibilities, representatives, separation , and commerce