Urgent. Greetings Beloved,

I write to convey a personal and confidential message to you.

As the new officer in charge of properties and Lugages/consignments in our company(Security and Logistics), I was directed to take eventory of all the unclaimed parcels, consignments, and luggages that has been in our custody from 2015 to October 2020 and as well contact the owners to put up a claim of ownership or face the risk of confiscation by the Authority.

On the process of scanning all the unclaimed properties and luggages, a sealed consignment box was spotted out from hiding place in the warehouse. After scanning the box, I discovered that it contains a huge amount of money estimated to be more than $5.8million United States

Please get back to me via:


To enable me arrange all documentation in your favour, alongside with an agreeable percentage of sharing the said fund on delivery to your country.

Please receive my warmest regards.

Mr Smith Dani


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