unit5 survey of healthcare management DB-response 2

unit5 survey of healthcare management DB-response 2.

50 words response to the classmate main post
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50 words response in your own words to the classmate main post Yvenie Desire November 5, 2013 Unit 5 db Healthcare in the United States has been the main topic of conversation. Everywhere you go, read, or watch on the news broadcasting channel healthcare is one of the topics. Each individual is entitled to receive healthcare being that they are rich, poor, young, or old. But many also feel that it is a privilege to receive healthcare in the United States Healthcare is a right that consumers are entitled to whether it is insurance that they pay for or a federal-government-sponsored health plans. It is not a privilege for consumers to be sick, therefore, healthcare should not be a privilege. Healthcare is a right if a person is at a certain age, economic status or has a certain disease or disables (Kereiakes & Willerson, 2013). Individuals over the age of 64 have the right to obtain Medicare regardless of their ability to pay they are much in need for healthcare in order to stay healthy. Seldom do sicknesses, accidents, and diseases announce their arrival, so it is important that healthcare is made accessible to all. Healthcare aids the government, healthcare providers and tax payers from picking up the tab when people who do not have access to healthcare rack up hospital costs that they cannot afford. People who are of low income are often left to find other ways to pay for medical bills. Often times they cannot afford it and “thus pass along the cost of their care to other taxpayers” (Lazarus, 2012). One can also argue that having insurance is privilege because under developed nations are not afforded healthcare coverage. Most under develop countries around the world do not have the opportunity to receive affordable healthcare coverage that most people in developed countries are able to receive the kind of care that most people in America does. But of other developed nations, such as Canada and France, United States is one of three other developed nations that…

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unit5 survey of healthcare management DB-response 2

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