unit3 Survey of healthcare Management DB RESPONSE-2

unit3 Survey of healthcare Management DB RESPONSE-2.

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50 WORDS TO RESPONSE TO CLASSMATE MAIN POST IN YOUR OWN WORDS Sharon Childers Healthcare is an ever growing field and will continue to evolve with time. With the evolution organizations needs to evolve as well and changing how management treats staff is the reason for a lot of the problems within organization. Employees like to feel like an asset whether than a liability and they like to go to a job they enjoy. Nurses in hospitals now are running around like crazy trying to give patients the best care they can. This can cause a high turnover rate within the organization which affects everybody involved. First and foremost hospital staff wants to know they are appreciated. A nurse with 10 years of experience would not want to get paid the same amount of money as a new graduate. Having better benefits for staff is key as well. People will leave a job to go work somewhere else just for benefits (Germond, n.d.). As we all know healthcare is expensive and it’s so ironic that people who care for the sick don’t have the same healthcare as the sick. Overworked employees tend to like their job less than employees who have a manageable patient load and schedule. Some facilities offer self-scheduling to their staff so they can work on days when it’s convenient. These types of things can help longevity within an organization and keeps the staff happy. The above are essential components of staff quality because happy employees produce better work. All healthcare facilities offer training to new employees. Even though a new hire might have 10 years of experience the experience isn’t with the new organization. Each facility has a different set of rules, computer systems and overall different structures. This is essential because when everybody is on the same page within the organization it makes for a smoother process when hiring new employees. Successful organizations are based on the employees since they are…

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unit3 Survey of healthcare Management DB RESPONSE-2

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