Technical Report writing

Final Report The Final Report is a comprehensive application of everything that has been covered in the course. Your assignment is to prepare a formal business report according to the requirements described below. Imagine that you are a consultant hired by the Embry Investment Group (EIG) to analyze a company and make a recommendation about whether or not EIG should acquire it. You may choose any company of any size for consideration, as long as it is a public company that issues annual reports. 1- List three publicly held companies to research for your own final project. Explain each of your choices in two to three sentences. 2-Provide a one-page proposal for your Final Report. This is an individual assignment and is part of the preparation for your Final Report. It is not part of the group proposal assignment. Format your work in the form of a Planning Proposal as listed on page 560, Figure 23.1. Your proposal should also answer the following questions: What company did you choose? Why did you choose this company? What is your writing plan? What concerns do you have about completing the Final Report (what risks are there)? How do you plan to overcome those risks? Note on Research Proposals: Research Proposals are often written for the purposes of getting funding. The audience for such proposals is usually the fund-granting agency or organization. Their interests are two-fold: that the research will lead to the production of new knowledge or assessment of existing knowledge that will either benefit the organization directly or that is simply meriting of funding (this is usually the case when government agencies fund the research) and that the research itself is feasible. In the writing plan, you needed to talk specifically about how you plan to conduct research (i.e., what sources you will use, etc.) as well as the limits in the plan (i.e., will there be any information to which you will not have access? What constrains do you face in terms of time to complete the report?).