Chemistry Question: :suicidal patients are deficient in vitamin d, associated with a pro-inflammatory status in the blood Assignment

Chemistry Description I need a writer who relates much in Biochemistry, Attached are the article for critical evaluation and the guidelines for evaluation. Please critically evaluate the article attached based on the guidelines. My assignment will due on April 4, 2017.

Chemistry Question: Stroop Test Assignment

Chemistry Description Overview In this Project, you will conduct a classic psychology experiment called the Stroop Test. The Stroop Test demonstrates that it is faster for our brains to read a word than to name a color and likewise requires our brains to pay more attention. This experiment involves speed processing and selective attention theories. Directions Participants in a Stroop Test must look at a bank of words printed in different colors and say the color in which the letters are printed, rather than read the word that is written. Because of the way our brains process different types of information, it can be challenging to do this quickly. To conduct the brief experiment, first choose four people (including you) willing to participate: two women and two men. Then, direct each person to use the Stroop Test link in the Project resources to take two tests: first, Word Set #1 (the congruent test) and then, Word Set #2 (the incongruent test). Use the Results Sheet in the Project resources to record the times for each test. Next, analyze the data by answering the questions on the Results Sheet. Show your calculations in the Results Sheet. Finally, submit the completed Results Sheet as the Project deliverable.

Chemistry Question: Advance Essay Assignment

Chemistry Description Short essay (350 words or fewer) Topic: The year is 2025 and you’re being featured in a magazine. What is the publication and why have they chosen to feature you? What accomplishments will be highlighted? What recognitions will be mentioned?