Slaughterhouse 5

Directions: Prepare a typed 4-page, double-spaced essay (about 1000 words) in response to one of the following prompts about Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five (1969). Make sure that all sources and quotations are cited using Chicago Style footnotes or parenthetical references (please see the citation guides posted to Sakai). Include a descriptive title and a single-spaced heading (like the one above) with your name, our course number, and the number of the prompt. You must use specific evidence and examples from Slaughterhouse-Five, and you should use your lecture notes, your textbook, and any other primary sources that we have read. You are not permitted to consult sources from outside of class. A successful essay will closely and carefully discuss the reading to arrive at an original argument in answer to the prompt. ϖ Your essay must include a brief cover letter. In 1-2 paragraphs (about 150-200 words) summarize your understanding of the comments that you have received on your previous essay(s). Next, explain how you used this feedback to write this essay. What did you do differently since writing your previous essay(s)? How are you trying to improve? What do you continue to have questions or concerns about? Your cover letter will not be graded, but essays without a cover letter will not be accepted and late penalties will apply. Prompt 1: As we discussed, militaristic nationalism was an important cause of the First and Second World Wars, and in response many individuals condemned excessive forms of nationalism in Europe. How does Vonnegut critique militarism and nationalism in Slaughterhouse-Five? How do his arguments about militaristic nationalism compare and contrast to other primary sources related to World War I and II that we have read?