Sexual Harassment Education for Managers

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Sexual Harassment Education for Managers.


High-profile sexual harassment scandals, such as allegations against Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein of the Weinstein Company, and Bill O’Reilly and Roger Aisles of Fox News, are changing the landscape of workplace sexual harassment claims and litigation.

  • Define sexual harassment and discuss applicable law (such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964). How does the state law in your state address sexual harassment?
  • Discuss a recent sexual harassment claim in the news and whether media coverage is beneficial or detrimental to reporting and reducing sexual harassment claims in the workplace. Should sexual harassment claims be addressed publicly or handled privately?
  • Explain the ethical and legal considerations of a business protecting its employees (the accuser, the accused, and other employees in the company) while a workplace sexual harassment investigation is underway. Does your answer change if the allegation is a widely known scandal-making front page news?
  • Compare the sexual harassment liability of a business entity that is a sole proprietorship with an entity that is a corporation.
  • Recommend risk management procedures a business can implement to avoid or reduce sexual harassment claims from occurring in the workplace.

Summarize in a 350 to 500-word (aprox. 100 words per bullet) . Additionally, please include an Introduction and a reference page following APA guidelines.

Sexual Harassment Education for Managers

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