Role in promoting patient health

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Role in promoting patient health.

Exercise and its role in promoting patient health
A healthy living campaign poster that describes exercise and its role in promoting patient health it needs to include pictures with a unique design and advices for a general audience,cite references for information included.
You will need to research current and past campaigns on similar topics and decide on the message you would want to convey via the poster. Then you will need to undertake research into the evidence that exists to support your message and draw up a list of reference sources. Make sure your references are from reputable sources and are backed by sound evidence and research.

Do I have to reference my information within the text itself? You need to credit the source of information. This will be different to the referencing format you may have used in the Formative essay assignment. For example: ‘Everyone should aim to do 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every week (NHS choices)’.

Is it permitted to use an image or graphic that I did not produce myself. Yes this is allowed. You should provide a very brief unobtrusive credit close to the image. In a real life situation outside education you would need to obtain permission from the copyright holder to use their image.

Role in promoting patient health

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