Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management.

Q. 1.Which inventory management method would be best in a healthcare setting? Which would be most expensive to use? Least expensive?

Q. 2.The third party payer system can often extend collection periods (on average it is nearly two months). Specifically, why is this a problem?

Q. 3. There are many practices that companies use that help them at the expense of other companies. Are JIT systems one of those, or do they benefit the overall economy? What is needed for JIT systems to benefit the overall economy? That is, how can true cost savings be achieved rather than just cost shifting from purchaser to supplier?

Q. 4. What may be a concern of Just-in-Time inventory, that is peculiar to Healthcare?

Q. 5. Read the attached article on “ACA brings new opportunities, challenges for revenue cycle management”.

a) Which one of the revenue cycle activities would you think will be affected most by the ACA?

b) Given that many of the ACA plans have high deductibles, what will this imply for the revenue cycle?

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Revenue Cycle Management

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