Quiz: Weekly Quiz

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Quiz: Weekly Quiz.

I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.

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  1. According to some studies, stroke patients given _______ therapy can show about a 75% return of normal use of a paralyzed arm within a relatively short period of time.
    A. Intense massage
    B. Edema reduction
    C. Constraint-induced movement
    D. Melodic intonation

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  1. Recovery of language function following a stroke may take place as a result of a:
    A. Subcortical control of language
    B. Shift to frontal cortical control of language
    C. Profound regrowth of connections in the left hemisphere
    D. Shift to right-hemisphere control of language

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  1. In most split-brain humans, words presented to the left visual field:
    A. Can be repeated accurately
    B. Can be written down
    C. Cannot be repeated verbally
    D. None of the above

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  1. Functional imaging of the brains of bilingual individuals while they are speaking their native languages indicates that:
    A. Patterns of brain activation for each language are slightly different from the other
    B. Patterns of brain activation do not vary between languages
    C. Some languages depend on the right hemisphere to a much greater extent than other languages do
    D. Broca’s area is in different locations in different people

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  1. An enlargement of which brain region may reflect left-hemisphere language dominance?
    A. Parietal operculum
    B. Angular gyrus
    C. Planum temporale
    D. Broca’s area

Quiz: Weekly Quiz

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