PY3108: The Personality Web Protocol – Interpretation of Dreams – Project Report Writing…

PY3108: The Personality Web Protocol – Interpretation of Dreams – Project Report Writing….

PY3108: The Personality Web Protocol – Interpretation of Dreams – Project Report Writing Assignment Help


Write a case summary using a selection of personality assessment tools completed in the tutorials. Detailed requirements for this assignment are described below (1500 words text, plus appendixes).

During tutorials you will complete a range of assessment techniques and so build up an interesting portfolio and profile of your own personality. You might like to prepare a special folder or other file to keep your assessments together. Your written assignment will be to write a case summary based on either:

a) Yourself, using a selection of the assessment tools completed by you, or

b) A classmate, with whom you agree to swap profiles for the write-up.

Guidelines are as follows:

You must use at least three different kinds of assessment techniques (e.g., interview, questionnaire, objective trait test, projective test, cognitive constructs). About 10 different examples of these approaches are listed in the practical schedule.

You can elect not to include material for the report, whether that report is written by you or someone else.

The report itself will not be more than 1500 words of text.

Your report must use the following headings and conform to the following length restrictions:

Short biography

Description of assessment tools

Results (summarized briefly, and accompanied by tables of, e.g., trait profile scores, motive theme scores, life narrative themes, personal constructs within the text of the document) (400 words text plus tables, figures)

Synthesis (An interpretation of the data giving attention to life goals, developmental themes, dispositions, coping, and relevant theory)

Appendix (To contain completed measures)

Further requirements for this task will be outlined in tutorials, where some of the preparation for this assignment will be completed. Given that we have just 12 hours of tutorial time, however, you need to devote a good amount of your own time to completing measures if you don’t get to finish them during tutorials.

When writing the report you may, if you wish, use pseudonyms to identify the subject of the report (e.g., ‘Orpheus’, ‘Loverboy’, ‘Medusa’), although tutors will obviously need to know the author of each assignment, regardless of whom the subject is.

Note that you must begin by collecting a brief life history (either written or by interview), as this is the first component of the report. From there, it is up to you to choose what other methods you will use to augment the life history. Here are some possible methods:

Trait questionnaires (e.g., Five-Factor NEO PI-R, Narcissism Scale)

Projective tests (e.g., Thematic Apperception Test)

Life Story Interview (e.g., see textbook Ch. 10; or custom design your own)

Personal Strivings (see text, Ch. 7; Emmons, 1986; Little, 1983; Buss & Cantor, 1989).

Personal Constructs (see text, Ch. 8; Kelly, 1955)

Q-Sort Methods (see tutorial handbook)

Interpretation of Dreams (Jung, Freud)

The Personality Web Protocol (see Raggatt, 1998, 2002, 2006)

What about theory?

In the synthesis you will need to explain, interpret and cross-reference your findings using a theoretical framework. Hand in hand with this will be a comparison of methods; are they telling you the same thing? Are they unrelated or completely discordant? Your own interpretations, backed up by arguments drawn from the data, are encouraged. You could use a social learning framework, a cognitive framework, a humanistic framework, a narrative framework or even a psychodynamic framework to interpret your results. See what fits the data.

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PY3108: The Personality Web Protocol – Interpretation of Dreams – Project Report Writing…

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