Premium vs value ‘fruit juicess’.

It is an MSc Food Safety & control research project (Dissertation). Need to have a backgroud in food safety, food labelling regulations, nutrition, * For the structure follow the table of contents. * Words count: is about the quality * For references: Harvard system is required * The sources that you will be used for this study are required for my logbook as well, so please make sure to provide me with the sources and page numbers, so I will attach it to my logbook. The latter will be submitted with the dissertation as well. * All data were collected and and were organised * Tools used for Data collection: – A cross sectional study to collect labelling info(Cost, nutrition declaration per 100ml, check compliance with the food labelling requirement) – A focus group survey was conducted to find out if there is a correlation between the cost & packaging visual appeal Read details on the front page of the paper Please find attached paper with a questionnaire * There are tables that need to be moved in the appendix after consultation, because I left all data related to each title together, so that you could disscuss it in relation to its data. * Keep me updated, and ask me for any required details. Write from scratch even though I wrote info beneath each titile to give you and idea SPSS were used for the survey data analysis, I organised the layout.