Physics Homework Help

question 1 A rubber ball of mass 2.0 kg falling straight downward hits the ground with a speed of 0.90 m/s and then rebounds straight upward with a speed of 0.60 m/s. The collision time of the ball with the ground is  t  = 0.25s. Treat  g  = 10 m/s 2  for this situation.  What is the magnitude of the average force (in units of Newtons) exerted by the ground on the ball while they are in contact? A.)2.4     B.)20.0 C.)26.0 D.)32.0 Question 2 An object of mass  m  is initially at rest. After this object is accelerated to a speed of 2.40 ✕ 10 8  m/s, it collides with and sticks to a second object of mass  m  at rest. Immediately after the collision, what is the common speed of the two masses? A.)2.25 ✕ 10 8  m/s B.)1.80 ✕ 10 8  m/s     C.)1.66 ✕ 10 8  m/s D.)1.50 ✕ 10 8  m/s