Physics Homework Help

In which of the following situations is your body closest to being in equilibrium? a. Running at constant speed in a circle. b. While jumping straight up. c. While hitting a stone wall. d. Running at constant speed in a straight line. e. At the highest point of a vertical hop. 2 Suppose that it takes an average force of 2000 Newtons to draw a catapult back by two meters. How much potential energy is stored in the drawn catapult? a. 2000J. b. 200J. c. 0J. d. 4000J. e. 400J. 3 A man is trying to push a railroad car along a level track. He is able to exert a horizontal force of about 1000N and the friction force is negligible. If the mass of the railroad car is 100 metric tons or 100; 000kg, it will accelerate along the track at a. 0:009m/s2. b. 90m/s2. c. 100m/s2. d. 0m/s2. e. 0:01m/s2.