Physics Homework Help

1. A projectile is fired at v = 100m/s at an angle of 45 degrees above horizontal at an elevation of 10m above level ground.(a) Graph the trajectory of the projectile.(b) How long does it take for the projectile to get to its maximum height h?What is the maximum height h? What is the projectile’s speed at this height?(c) How long is the projectile in the air? What is its horizontal range R? With what speed does it strike the ground? 2.A plane’s instruments say that it is flying at v = 200m/s at an angle of 45 degrees North of East. Ground control tells the plane that it is actually moving 180m/s at an angle 37 degrees North of East relative to the ground. The difference is due to the wind, the motion of the air through which the plane moves.(a) What is the wind speed and direction?(b) Draw a vector diagram of the plane’s speed relative to the ground, the plane’s speed relative to the wind,and the wind’s speed relative to the ground.