Physics Homework Help

1.  When the compressor of an air conditioner starts up, it draws a current of 50 A. If the start-up time is 0.60 s, then the amount of charge passing through a cross-sectional area of the circuit during this time is:   3.0 C 83.3 C 300 C 30 C 2.  If 6.25 x 10 18  electrons flow through a given cross-section per second, the current passing through the section is:   1 A 10 A 6.25 A None of the above is correct. 3.  A metal wire carries a current of 100 mA. How long does it take for 2 x 10 20  electrons to pass a given cross-section of the wire?   3.2 s 32 s 320 s 200 s 4.  An incandescent lamp is operated at 120 V, and the current is 0.5 A. So, the resistance of the lamp is:   120 Ω 60 Ω 24 Ω 240 Ω 5.  How much current is drawn by a television with a resistance of 30 Ω that is connected across a potential difference of 120V?   4 A 3.6 A 2.5 A 0.4 A 6.  A hot plate has a resistance of 50 Ω. If the current flowing through it is 2.4 A, then the potential difference across the device is:   20.8 V 208 V 12 V 120 V 7.  A total charge of 16μC passes through a cross-sectional area of a nichrome wire in 4 s. How many electrons pass through the cross-sectional area in 16 s?