One-Sample test of hypothesis analysis

Topic: One-Sample Test of Hypothesis Analysis Directions: The purpose of the one-sample test of hypothesis analysis is to enhance your ability to conduct statistical research. This involves the formulation of a hypothesis with appropriate literature review, gathering secondary data, and empirically testing your hypothesis. Write a research paper of the length specified below that includes the following required sections: Title Page (1 page) Main Body of Paper (5 pages minimum) Introduction Introduce your reader to your topic of research and explain why you feel it is a worthwhile investigation. State the null and alternative hypotheses and explain each. State the level of significance and determine the test statistic. Explain why you chose the level of significance and the test statistic. Formulate the decision rule and explain what it means. Use standard hypothesis testing notation or syntax throughout the paper prior to describing or explaining its meaning. Methodology Describe the set of data you used, including correctly formatted citations and references to the data sources. Discuss the data using standard descriptive statistics. Create a table to summarize the data’s descriptive statistics and refer to the table in your discussion. List the sources you used to compile the data and describe any complications or difficulties you may have encountered in collecting the data. Explain why you chose these data sources. Results State the decision regarding the null hypothesis and explain why you made the decision you did. Explain what you concluded as a result of the decision you made. Discussion Using your own critical thinking, evaluate, interpret, and qualify the results of your investigation and analysis, especially as it relates to your conclusions regarding the null hypothesis. Comment on how your research supported or did not support your original thinking with regard to the null hypothesis. Include any relevant research that supports or disagrees with your conclusion. Discuss what you learned from this research project and your candid opinion of its usefulness and relevance. References (1 page): You should include at least three academic sources