Negativity Bias

Negativity Bias.

Question 1

Download and view the attached video clip from Friday Night Lights(the movie). Decide the similarities between your present view of managing/coaching and the comments of Coach Gaines. Which topics explain the effectiveness – or lack thereof – of the coach’s remarks? Defend your point of view giving examples.

Very important: include in-text citations and a reference entry. Avoid the temptation to offer your own opinion and then add a reference entry to your text at the end.

(Friday Night Lights clip used with permission of Cengage Publishing.)

250 words and please provide references

Question 2

READ the paragraph below and share from your own personal experience where the “negativity bias” has either affected your choice in quality and continuous improvement, or the choice of someone else. You may use any example you have read, seen, or heard about.

Brief contact with a cockroach will usually render a delicious meal inedible. The inverse phenomenon— rendering a pile of cockroaches on a platter edible by contact with one’s favorite food—is unheard of. More modestly, consider a dish of a food that you are inclined to dislike: lima beans, fish, or whatever. What could you touch to that food to make it desirable to eat—that is, what is the anti-cockroach? Nothing! And the cockroach is far from unique: there is a wide variety of animals (e.g., worms, caterpillars, slugs, spiders) that share the cockroach potency, along with a variety of microbial or toxin-contaminated objects. One of the best generic descriptions of this relative power of negative contamination is embedded in an age-old Russian adage: “A spoonful of tar can spoil a barrel of honey, but a spoonful of honey does nothing for a barrel of tar.” When it comes to “negative bias,” a positive attitude or positive affect does not have an effect on measured behavior oppositely equivalent to the effect of a negative attitude or negative affect.

150 wordsandplease provide references

Question 3

Explain the expectancy theory and use it to explain your current level of motivation at your job.

150 wordsand pleaseprovide references

Question 4

Evaluate and discuss your own job in terms of the four psychological states of empowerment: (1) A sense of meaning

(2) A sense of competence

(3) A sense of self determination

(4) A sense of impact.

How might you self-manage to increase the level of each?

150 words and please Include references

Negativity Bias

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