Need a review on the book “Always running”. Tied into with intercultural communication

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Need a review on the book “Always running”. Tied into with intercultural communication.

After reading the autobiography of Luis Rodriguez the book “Always running” and participating in our discussions of the book, now it is your turn to communicate what you learned from the book. In this essay I would like to hear what concepts that you have learned this semester helped you connect to his story and better understand the impacts of intercultural communication.

In a 2-3 page essay follow the guidelines below to complete the assignment.

In your first paragraph

  1. briefly summarize the book to give a general idea of the overall story. End your introduction with a thesis statement about two intercultural communication concepts that will be developed in the body of your essay.

In the body of your essay

  1. For each intercultural concept you have chosen, identify examples of how each is demonstrated by the characters and/or development of the plot.
  2. Describe how the concept is applied in the story. Be specific as you describe the character(s) and/or event(s) where this concept is demonstrated. Use appropriate terms from the text.
  3. Evaluate whether the concept is applied effectively or ineffectively (good example or bad example).
  4. Analyze the consequences of the concepts effective or ineffective application. Consider the short-term and long-term consequences to the character(s) and/or plot. Go beyond the actual book

In a concluding paragraph

  1. summarize your insights regarding intercultural communication as demonstrated in the book. What are the major lessons to be learned?

I would you to please use these terms from intercultural concepts. Only two are needed. Please let me know if you need help and guidance. I did not read the book but I can help with the meaning of these terms to help tie into the book/essay and how they work together


Cultural space

cultural identities ( such as race, gender , religion , etc )

technological imperative, demographic imperative and the ethical imperative.

thnocentrism, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination act as barriers to effective intercultural communication

Minority Identity Development Process.
A: “ Minority identity development focuses on racial and ethnic identities but may also apply to other identities such as class, gender, or sexual orientation (114). The 4 stages include unexamined identity, conformity, resistance and separatism, and integration.

Need a review on the book “Always running”. Tied into with intercultural communication

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