N1069 Marketing Research Assignment – Week 12

N1069 Marketing Research Assignment – Week 12


The group assignment is worth 25% of the total mark for the class


There are THREE linked elements to the complete assignment, as detailed below:


  • The Proposal is worth 30% of your total group assignment mark.


  • The Discussion Guide/ Topic List is worth 35% of your total group assignment mark


  • The Questionnaire is worth 35% of your total group assignment mark



All three tasks should be completed

















ELEMENT 1 – Proposal

Company X requires proposals for carrying out a research project. The findings should include both qualitative and quantitative information. The company is willing to spend up to £50,000 on the research project. Your group has been assigned the role of a market research agency and you are asked to produce a proposal to address the research needs of a Company of your selection. For the purpose of this question, your proposal should exclude contract details but should include all other relevant sections that would be found in a proposal. Your proposal should also include a brief appendix, which sets out any assumptions you made when drawing up your proposal. The proposal should be no longer than 1000 words and include the following sections:



  • Executive Summary
  • Company and Project Background
  • Problem Definition +Approach to the Problem

– Management decision / Marketing research problem / Key objectives / Research hypotheses

  • Research Design
  • Reporting
  • Cost and Time
  • Appendices






ELEMENT 2 – Discussion guide


Design a discussion guide/ topic list (including four appropriate projective techniques), for use in a programme of qualitative research to address the research objectives of the mini case set out in Element 1 (1000 words). You should also attach an appendix, which provides a set of guidelines for the moderator of the group discussions/depth interviews, explaining how the discussions should be conducted.




ELEMENT 3 _Questionnaire


Design a questionnaire to meet the research objectives of the project set out in Element 1. The questionnaire should clearly demonstrate your knowledge of sequencing, question wording and question / response format (up to 25 questions excluding demographics).




Where appropriate on all tasks– Harvard referencing should be used.