Msc International environment

MSC International Environment: Task: Drawing upon theories of growth and development, compare and contrast the economic development of any TWO countries. Chosen countries China and Nigeria Write NO MORE than 3500 words in total. • Critical analysis of international and commercial issues • Use the Harvard style, References are NOT included in the word count This essay is worth 60% of the overall unit mark. Indicative content International business environment, international political economy, Globalisation, global governance, trade, international institutions. 1. Historical origins of the contemporary global economy and Globalisation. 2. Building blocks of the global economy: governments, markets and institution 3. The modern institutions of global governance: IMF, World Bank, WTO and 4. International trade theory, policy and critiques. 5. The international financial system. 6. Regional integration in a multipolar world. 7. Economic development in the ‘developing’, ‘emerging’ and ‘advanced’ economies. 8. The sustainable considerations of economic development. 9. ‘Developing’ and ‘emerging’ markets. • China in 1980’s and   Nigeria after independence 1960 • Institutional changes allowing Foreign investments, Free trade for both countries • what did china get right and what did Nigeria get wrong? • use theories of development for both countries • Structure by institution the assignment by institution of both countries • Data on life expectancy, GDP • Institution: what did china do in 1980’s to reforms Vs Nigeria • Both countries political instabilities, no market economies introduced. • China pursed a policy of export Vs Nigeria dealing in only Oil,  • Dependency theory explain how Nigeria need to diversifying its oil export to something else. What does china need to do?