Module 9 questions

Module 9 questions.

Begin your post with the question you are answering and then make your response.

  1. Discuss some of the differences between take back legislations in US compared to other countries.

Chapter 10 – Coordination in a Supply Chain

  1. What is the bullwhip effect and how CPFR can benefit the supply chain partners minimizing the bullwhip effect?
  2. Discuss some of the pricing and promotion policies that can facilitate coordination.

Chapter 17 – Sustainability and the Supply Chain

  1. What do you understand by tragedy of commons? Discuss some of the solutions to this tragedy.
  2. What do you understand by reverse logistics and closed loop supply chains? Discuss some of the challenges involved in integrating forward and reverse supply chains.

please also reference book and include question and in-text citation

  1. Supply Chain ManagementAuthor: Sunil ChopraISBN: 978013380057

Module 9 questions

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