Milestone Two: Draft of Violation (Section II)

Milestone Two: Draft of Violation (Section II).

Review the case study you have chosen for your final project. Provide a summary of the crime that was committed in your case. Address the following questions in bullet point format.

My Topic is Operation Ghost Stories: Inside the Russian Spy Case

  1. How does the citizenship status of the criminal in the case impact the ability to adhere to procedural due process? Be sure to include whether the criminal has dual citizenship. How does this affect the ability to apprehend and charge the criminal?
  2. Where did the criminal reside at the time that the crime was committed? Does this information interfere with the investigation and apprehension of the criminal? Explain.
  3. Which laws were violated domestically and internationally in the case? What consequences are associated with each crime?

Milestone Two: Draft of Violation (Section II)

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