Jerry,molly and sam

Length: 7 full pages Format: MLA Format • Times New Roman 12 Point Font • One inch margins • Heading • Title (centered, and relevant to your topic) • Indented paragraphs (half an inch in from the left margin: one standard “tab” key) • Well- developed paragraphs • Double-spaced (no extra spaces from heading to title, title to paragraph, or paragraph to paragraph) • Header (on all pages after the first in the upper right hand corner, including student’s last name and page number) Opening Paragraph (Including thesis) Body Paragraphs (Including support for thesis) Concluding Paragraph (Including new perspective or “spin” on thesis) Source Requirements: • 6 Academic, Secondary Sources • Use at least three scholarly journal articles and at least three books/eBooks • 2 Primary Sources (story/film or 2 stories) • 12 In-Text Citations of Academic Secondary Sources (about 2 per page) • Direct Quotes (at least 6) • Summary (maximum of 2) • Paraphrase (maximum of 2) • Block Quote (maximum of 2) • Claims/Warrants (do not begin or end a paragraph with a citation) • Works Cited Page (correctly formatted and spaced) Assignment: Analyze a specific and relevant aspect of one of the stories and its film adaptation, or a group of stories, that were assigned for this course. You may revise and add to one of your 2 page papers for this assignment. Notes: Remember that Stephanie Harrison’s editorial sections would count as a secondary book source. If a source shows up on your works cited, it MUST be in your paper. If you are missing the correct number of sources on your works cited or in your paper, your paper will not receive higher than a “D” grade.