Is the internet too open?Open and Closed

An annotated bibliography is a list of source materials that also includes a description of the sources and brief evaluations of each of them. For your annotated bibliography, prepare a list of eight sources (not including the essay that forms the foundation for your paper) that you will possibly use in your term paper (you may not end up using all of them, and you may find additional sources as your research and writing progress). The sources must be books and journals—academic sources—that you locate through the library’s catalog and databases (rather than, say, Wikipedia or websites that you find through a search engine). For each entry, include: ·A citation for the source. Follow either MLA or APA format. ·A description of the source. Summarize the source in one or two sentences. ·An evaluation of the source. Explain the way that the source (or a specific part of the source) is connected to your argument and the way that you might use it in your paper. *Here are some general guidelines that apply to just about all bibliographic formats: ·Do not single space anything; instead, double space everything. ·Alphabetize entries by author’s last name or by the first word of the title that is not an article (“a,” “an,” or “the”) if the work does not include an author’s name. ·Do not use bullets, numbers, or any other device to set off each bibliographic entry. Do make sure that you use a hanging indent for each entry in which each line after the first one is indented a half inch. * Is the internet too open? (Open and Closed* – the topic from Acting Out Culture book pg.(449-452). -I need eight sources for this paper and I need links which you found the sources, please.