Immigration History Term Paper DRAFT

I need a 3,000 word draft of a research paper on immigration history to be completed within 48 hours. This is the first requirement for a 6,000 word final paper in a class on immigration history that is due on Dec 8. If the writer does a good job I will submit another order for the rest of the paper. The topic I have chosen is on female immigrant entrepreneurs and concerns how they formed an occupational niche in the ethnic food business during the 1960s-1980s. My plan is to do a case study on a few women to see how they have constructed, adapted, or even exploited their gender and/or ethnic identity to capitalize in the developing American consumer market. I already have a rough outline, some primary documents, and many secondary sources. This paper requires extensive reading and research as well as rigorous historical analysis. You must be able to explain the significance of primary documents within a wider historical context and specifically demonstrate how your analysis contributes to immigration history. You must have experience conducting literature review on scholarly historical works. I have a few sources, such as newspaper articles and oral history transcripts, but the writer will need to incorporate more research from other databases for the completed paper. I will be collaborating and contributing sources as needed.