I need help with replying back to my instructor, this is her questions.

I need help with replying back to my instructor, this is her questions..

I need help with replying back to my instructor, this is her questions. Was the site for your Module 3 assignment an integrated system? How does your site compare to this? I am attaching my module 3 assignment. This is my Discussion question that i answerFragmentation and disarray of the healthcare system present significant challenge to effective and efficient healthcare delivery to the community. Fragmented communication between different providers, duplicate testing as well as the absence of essential information also compromises the economic prospects and viability of the projects (Bachireddy, 2014). The discontinuities also pose an additional cost to the patients as well affects the quality of care, costs, patient and provider satisfaction. On the contrary integration in the delivery system of healthcare provides the community with streamlines as well as harmonized regulation of health insurance, security, payment redesign and clinical records that are sharable.
Geisinger Health System serves the central and northeastern Pennsylvania that has a vertical integration system. It is the type of healthcare in which the healthcare organization offers directly or through other, a broad range of support and patient care services. Soule (2014) stated that they have an advantage as it links the service continuum for increasing the comprehensiveness of care. The system also includes the stakeholders that are likely to be harmed by a horizontal organization that might raise prices with quality reduction withholding services and control markets.
LabCorp operates in the Portland, Oregon area and has a horizontal integration. The strategy helps in reducing the competition from other companies well. According to Escobar-Pérez (2016), horizontal integration also helps in reduced price and improved service quality as well. However, horizontal integration occurs usually when the individual physicians join the group practices or other existing group merges with each other. Horizontal integration leads to improved quality of patient care, cost savings as well as enhances the operational efficiency.

Bachireddy, C., Soule, M. C., Izenberg, J. M., Dvoryak, S., Dumchev, K., & Altice, F. L. (2014). Integration of health services improves multiple healthcare outcomes among HIV-infected people who inject drugs in Ukraine. Drug and alcohol dependence, 134, 106-114.
Escobar-Pérez, B., Escobar-Rodríguez, T., & Bartual-Sopena, L. (2016). Integration of healthcare and financial information: Evaluation in a public hospital using a comprehensive approach. Health informatics journal, 22(4), 878-896.


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I need help with replying back to my instructor, this is her questions.

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