Human Resources Response

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Human Resources Response.

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Lesson 8. Kia: Respond with 50 words

The four broad developing categories of development methods include ; interpersonal relationships, formal education, job experiences, and assessment. Formal education is important because it includes lectures, business games, stimulation, meetings, and workshops. It can be assessed through the Internet of off site. Assessment is important because it involves collecting information, and providing feedback and communication to employees. Some methods include ; assessment centers, performance appraisals, and psychological profiles. Job experiences are important because it is the combination of problems, relationships, demands, and task of the job. Some key job experiences include ; interpersonal relationships and job assignments. Interpersonal relationships are important it helps employees gain knowledge.

Lesson 9 Kia: Respond with 50 words

Work design will allow employees to use a variety of skills that can contribute to high performance in job design. Employees understand how their jobs contribute to the finished product or service. Team work and empowerment aid in job design, and positive motivation. Knowledge sharing among the company will aid in training and development. It encourages continuous learning and alignment with the companies vision and increases skills and interpersonal relationships. Pay systems reward skills and accomplishments of employees which contributes to high performance. Increased compensation and increased performance. Performance management will measure performance in precise terms, and link performance to customers’ needs.

Human Resources Response

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