Geotechnical Hazards of Landfills

the research is how to reduce geotechinical hazards in a landfill. The hazards we need to talk about are risk of fire, ground water pollution, gas emission, I dont need a introduction, background nor a conclusion only a body. The 8 pages requested are going to be part of the literature review. It is necessary to use alot of citations from published papers and journals. Publication dates should be within the past 5 years. The first 4 pages should talk about how bio reactor landfills ( aerobic and anaerobic ) can reduce the mentioned hazards, this should include specifics such as the chemicals used and details of the process. This should also include details about nitrification of leachate. and the treatments. The next 4 pages will need to address how landfill covers can be used to reduce the above mentioned hazards. Also talk about bio-covers and bio windows for landfills. ( the process, the materials used ,etc) . Again I cant stress enough how important it is to use many citations from published papers and journals