Fluid Interactions

This is a lab report with a guiding template given. Please follow the guideline completely and use the criterions/the rubric that I will provide to do the assignment. There would be a part where data has to be collected, I will be providing it later on also. And yes, it is to do the whole template. Please start with the “Explore” area with some basic information and answer the question that the template asks to. Skip the checkpoints. The “Inquire” section would be completely free for you to decide what to do. Remember to read the rubric/task information on the first page to help clarify the assignment. (PLEASE CHECK IN WITH ME ABOUT THE RESEARCH QUESTION YOU HAVE MADE AND THE EXPERIMENT THAT WILL HELP ANSWER IT TO MAKE SURE I HAVE ACCESS TO COLLECT THE DATA) For the “Design” section, it is just following up the “Inquire” section with more specific details about the experiment. (PLEASE HAVE ALL OF THESE COMPLETED BEFORE NOVEMBER 25TH SO I CAN COLLECT THE DATA) After I have collected the data for the experiment I would upload to you so you can complete the rest of the template. And we can communicate about the conclusion etc at that time.