Yahoos Capabilities Business Plan Examples


Yahoo has a number of diverse features that appears competitive in the internet industry market. It has fought its way through and has remained competitive by implementing innovative strategies to provide unique products and services to the market. Competitive services offered by Yahoo are discussed below:

Web Portal

This is a particular web page in a website that collects multiple information from various sources and displays this information in a unique mode. It is a very excellent product that is used by people from all walks of life including managers to help them in decision making.

Yahoo Bing

Beside Google, Yahoo offers aweb search service that is widely used globally to locate information in the internet. Yahoo Bing is a unique back-end infrastructure whose aim is to deliver a more relevant and faster search results. Its user interface is excellent and interacts very well with the user.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo offers free email services to its customers, which open doors to other opportunities such as online chatting. These email services can either be used for personal or business activities. Considering that Google is the only major competitor, Yahoo still occupies a large share in the market. Yahoo also provides reliable web hosting services for small businesses.


Yahoo provides marketing services where business organizations can advertise their products and services via Yahoo Search Marketing. This service is widely used by business organizations to both attract and reach customers.

Language variety

Communication is vital in every business. Providing business services ina variety of languages ensures target to a wide range of customers regardless of their language and culture. This has helped Yahoo to remain competitive as a result of being used globally.
Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, has contributed a lot in competitive strategies implemented by the company in the market. The experience she acquired from Google has helped in developing most of the products similar to google such as Yahoo maps and a high-tech search engine. Yahoo is now concentrating on increasing its investments in Yahoo’s mobile. This is because Mayer has seen a future in rebuilding Yahoo’s mobile strategy as the mobile is the rapidly growing area in Internet industry.


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