Written Proposal Essay


Today’s business environment is rapidly changing due to various changes in the workforce. Companies are deploying Information and Communication Technologies to address their needs. One specific technology that stands out, in helping virtual teams, workforce that are in remote locations are the unified communications technology and cloud-based computing technologies. Cloud computing allows the sharing of resources and services, where they are in virtual locations, and allow users to use them in real-time (Furht and Escalante 3). These technologies are used extensively, with various retail giants and other e-commerce companies deploying them in order to serve their clients. Onenotable company that uses cloud-based systems in Amazon. Amazon uses Amazon web services to support its e-commerce infrastructure specifically. This technology allows people and organizations to store and access files securely, in a remote way, and also supports unified communication, especially when a company handles products that frequently need audience with buyers. It, therefore, fits the structure of web-based businesses such as e-commerce. This technology enables users to share files, through a portal that gives access to registered workers of the company. Users will remotely access files through their iPad or internet enabled phones rather than depend on the traditional way of shipping files. The IBM cloud enterprise cloud system will be a system that will pioneer the information system, where modules will be created, with every worker assigned specific privileges to assist him or her access and download information. The system will restrict users also in a way that it will categorize them as either, in the sales, finance or procurement departments. This system will also allow real-time update of information in the inventory, whereby it will be synchronized with the e-bay inventory system, to display accurate data. The IBM cloud technology will rely on co-located servers that will be housed by the company, in order to allow the company to monitor all the essential aspects of online business. Despite the infrastructure relying on cloud-based technology, there will be the need for the management to purchase iPad for frequently moving workers, based in remote locations, while desktop computers will be used by the workers at the local offices at Boston. The core cloud platform will run on a virtualization and management software, back-end servers and an additional storage facility. The virtualization system will consist of the core zeC12 Linux-based platform, which will act as the main server, to give comprehensive access and security policies in terms of accessing information. The management system will consist of the IBM suite 4, which will provide an interface that will permit users to use the cloud-based system, as well as load balancing features to help manage different instances where traffic increases, especially in cases where there are many customers accessing the e-commerce site. The storage capacity will consist of a backup mechanism, and an IBM DS8000 system storage, which will handle all inventory data and information, while on the other hand the backup mechanism will be used in case of failure. This platform will be accessed either remotely by workers or on standalone computers. The iPad mini 3 from Apple computers will be used while the computers will be purchased from Dell, with Pentium 4, and at least 2GB ram, 3.0 GHz and core2duo specifications given priority.Despite the capabilities of cloud computing, the company will also need to deploy the Microsoft share point server in its local office in Boston. This will enable it develop and manage its intranet, which will be of importance especially in document management, and customer relationship management. While these present the capabilities needed in managing an e-commerce site, unified communications will also play an important role, with telepresence playing a wider role. For instance, teleconferencing solution will be deployed in the company to enable sales people handle queries. Video conferencing solutions will be both software based and room based, managed by polycom products, which will allow high definition video camera or webcam mounted on the monitors, as well as flat screens using the HDX series for group based meetings with customers. The camera, high definition screens and webcams will be integrated with the real presence video dual manager that will help in the management of the video conferencing network. The management suite will manage the entire collaboration network, schedule conferences with various groups of people, customers as well as offer an interface for monitoring and configuring video parameters. On the other hand, a T-1 internet connection will be deployed at the local office to the internet network, to provide internet communication to the office. The computers will be connected to video conferencing channel through a Logitech BCC895 webcam that will broadcast images to allow real-time communication, as well as phoenix audio executive pieces of speakers for audio. Workers will also be able to chat independently through using the Jabra USB headsets. This presents an opportunity to enable the company to compete effectively with its competitors. The infrastructure will heavily rely on the cloud, with minimal interruptions due to the stable IBM cloud-based platform. This henceforth will become a strategic aspect to the company if the proposal is adopted.

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