What would be an effective vision statement for Motorola?


Motorola exists to help individuals, groups and companies establish relationships in this fast changing world. Our products link and bond families and global companies enabling them to work together more efficiently, we are committed towards providing high quality products and to be a leader in innovatingcommunicationandtechnology. Motorola seeks to transform the way people exchange data and information from the home to the office and to the larger community.

This vision statement can be effective in the sense that it captures what Motorola aspires to be in the future given the present state it is in. 2. Which types of transformation is Zander attempting to bring about? Ed Zander tries to bring Motorola back to being a leader in the field of communication and technology. He is bent on establishing a new vision for the company concentrating on the high end market products of the company. He has emphasized the need for the company to work together in delivering its products to its clients and fulfilling its promises.

He believes that this is equally important since it would increase the company’s market share and earnings. After which, he plans to concentrate on changing the companycultureand reorganizing it to become a unified company that function as one and eradicating the culture of bureaucracy. He also seeks to promote the value of cooperation and collaboration in the company as a means of increasing productivity and coming up with products that are ahead of the competition. 3. What evidence do you find that Ed Zander has some charismatic qualities?

Ed Zander is a charismatic leader in the sense that he makes it his mission to closely interact with the company employees and its clients. He listens to the needs and wants of the clients and inspires employees to work together in fulfilling them. He also listens to the employees and considers their thoughts and feelings about the company and where it is going. He respects the past accomplishments of the company and the different departments but vocally emphasize that they should collaborate, he even made bonuses dependent on how different units work together.

He is relentless in pushing his staff into working harder and better, in effect he has been effective in transforming the company, after taking his post, Motorola’s share value has increased. 4. What criticisms might you make of Zander’sleadershipapproach? Ed Zander’s leadership style can become too emotionally laden that not all individuals could possibly be comfortable with. Especially if the employees have been used to a conventional leadership, and having someone like Zander at the helm may be stressful for some employees.

Moreover, Zander goes around clients and employees listening to their complaints and desires but decision making rests solely on Zander. He decides for the company and may cross some boundaries when he is seen as a controlling and meticulous. He can also be criticized by his tendency to focus on asking people to collaborate and cooperate yet he generally does not involve his team in formulating the new vision and mission for the company.