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UPS: How Brown Got Cool


What can brown do for you? More businesses and consumers are realizing the benefits of UPS are much more than simply delivering packages. With the brand image and symbol revamp, business has been through the roof with more people taking advantage of the offerings of UPS. UPS was ready to claim more of the market share and influence consumers to think of and use UPS for their personal delivery and business needs.

The Integrated marketing communications approach was the best solution to expose all of the offerings of UPS and how much of a benefit UPS is, not only for businesses but consumers as well. UPS was determined to change their image as a company and as a brand and has had extreme success in doing so. From the transformation of the UPS symbol, to the revamped advertising methods, to the UPS Store, more of the market has found a way to utilize the services offered by UPS.

Many consumers originally thought all UPS did was deliver packages and offer package tracking, but with the integrated marketing communications approach, the market is now realizing all that is offered. Multiple marketing approaches were necessary to reach a broader market. Instead of limiting the marketing to a particular group, the exposure expands with different marketing approaches. Business print, trade print, industry specific print, and radio on a local market basis helped reach the masses while advertising different services provided to appeal to everyone’s needs.

UPS made a conscious effort to reach five target markets which include shipping decision makers, front office decision makers, small business decision makers, senior level decision makers, and the newest target, the end consumer. For each market, the focus is on how can we help you. Offerings such as viewing and paying bills online, preparing billing reports to monitor shipping expenses, managing staffing for high volume shipping and receiving and even an online packaging advisor help to meet the needs of more people. “Getting started,” 1994-2013) Brand recall is extremely important in business. Most businesses look at having a brand recall rate of over 50% as a positive. UPS’ brand recall rate is between 97 and 98 percent which is a rate that is obviously dominating the market and has a significant impact on profit, new business and repeat business.

UPS has won multiple rewards and continuously earns high ratings in various fields including taking top place in CustomerLoyaltyIndex which goes hand in hand with brand recall. For the fourth consecutive year, Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ranked UPS #1 in the Parcel Delivery category, citing brands best able to engage consumers and create loyal customers. ” (“Business excellence,” 2013) The new slogan “What can brown do for you” is indeed a catchy one but also provokes thought. The slogan paired with information on different aspects of UPS has allowed consumers and businesses to think outside of the box and utilize the services offered to help them operate more sufficiently with great ease.