TransUnion: Business Improvements And It’s Expanding



TransUnion needs to migrate the systems and applications that they are running into a specific operating environment from mainframe computers which will help them to gain competitive environment, quick marketing, improved employee satisfaction and significant operational cost savings.


TransUnion is a main worldwide supplier of hazard and data answers for 65,000 organizations and 55 million consumers. TransUnion’s change centers around three key territories—working model, innovation, and foundation—to accomplish noteworthy financially savvy adaptability and enhance client encounters over its specialty units. The following infrastructure improvements might be helpful:

Linking information resources from center frameworks to other enormous information stages.

Consolidating data centers to decrease costs and managerial exertion. Automating framework administration and asset provisioning.

Improving application accessibility and calamity recuperation time.

Centralizing abilities to dispatch center answers for worldwide areas and procured organizations rapidly what’s more effective.


Several open source environments like Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, MacOS are available and TransUnion should consider migrating from mainframe computers to these environments. By doing so there can be significant improvements in costs and performance such as:

Significant Reduction in Operating Expenses:

Shifting from mainframe computers to open source environment might help TransUnion in consolidating data centers by significant amount. Diminishing its number of datacenters, and decommissioning its centralized server equipment, enables TransUnion’s groups to center around upgrading and growing new answers for its clients. In addition to hardware costs migration might also help in reducing software costs. TransUnion can cancel its third-party contract and can take advantage of the new open source environment.

Improvement in Application Availability and Recovery:

By migrating from mainframe computers to open source environment, the company can easily restore and recover its application in minimal time in case of any issue or disaster. In addition, company can also improve towards making application available in order to out-perform agreements made with its customers.

Improvement in employee satisfaction:

By migrating to open source environment company’s IT team will be making a significant shift using different project management models like Agile, Scrum etc. Undergoing this shift will support more work collaboration and development in innovative methods. In return by undergoing this migration will increase employee satisfaction.

Competitive Edge:

Notwithstanding enhancing information administration, TransUnion expected to increase better understanding into its information. With customary centralized servers supporting its center applications, the organization couldn’t match and connection information between its Hadoop huge information examination stage and its centralized computer based frameworks. With its applications currently running in the Red Hat working condition, TransUnion has picked up this capacity.