Title guests and equipment’s needed Catering company High


Title page Introduction Strategic objectives of the project Project charter Stakeholderanalysis  Stakeholder Influence Importance of stakeholder Bride High The Women getting married Groom High The Man marrying the bride Family Members from both sides High Should be present to witness the wedding of their children Flower Girls Low Spread flowers Bridesmaid High Accompany the bride Best man High Accompany the groom Pageboys Low walk down the aisle with the flower girl Entertainment company High Provides entertainment including music, dance and comedy to the quests Priest High Preforms religious declaration of consent  Media High Taking photographs and videos of the wedding ceremony Transport company High Provide transport for Bride and groom, Family members, guests and equipment’s needed  Catering company High Deals with preparation of food and reception for everybody attending the wedding  and wedding cake preparation  Guests Low Witness the wedding   Complete work breakdown structure Resource requirement Detailed effort estimation Project schedule Final budget   ProjectmilestonesThe following table shows the milestones of mywedding plan  Time Activity/Milestone 10 to 12 months before the wedding ·         Decided to set the date of wedding to 12th October2018 ·         Set a budget of 2200 dollars to cover all the preparation and execution of wedding ·         Agreed to invite 500 quests ·         Decided on the location and reserved the wedding venue site 6 to 8 months before the wedding   ·         Choose material type and colours for the bridal and best men and bridesmaid – For bride, it would be black suit while the groom will be white wedding gown. Best men will put on blue suit and bridesmaid will wear full dress, that’s white in colour    4 to 6 months before the wedding   ·         Booked the honeymoon site at Zanzibar – Tanzania ·         Booked hairstyle list and make-up artist   2 to 4 months before the wedding   ·         Notified the government and the area leader about the wedding ·         Met the wedding counselor for couples counseling ·         Booked for priest service during the wedding ·         Conducted a fundraising to raise money for the wedding 1 to 2 months before the wedding   ·         Bought book for quests ·         Obtained marriage license ·         Fitting of dress and suits commenced ·         Choose to buy black shoes for best men and  white shoe for bridesmaids ·         Managed to get 4 people who will give speeches alongside other persons from family and friends ·         Confirmed that the wedding venue will be available and ready ·         Ordered and received flowers    1 day to 2 weeks  before the wedding   ·         Ordered and received cake ·         Received chairs and tents ·         Confirmed that 400 quests will be available ·         Confirmed that the funds are enough for the wedding ·         Confirmed that the food will be enough for the quests ·         Received brides gown and suit for the groom ·         Received suits and dresses for best men and bridesmaid ·         Confirmed the availability of entertainment team ·         Finalized and confirmed that transport vehicles will be available ·         Received entertainment equipment ·         Received other equipment’s to be used during the wedding day ·         Confirmed that the chef and his team will be available      Conclusion Appendices references