The Study of Business Informatics Essay


Reflection Learning Report—YEAR 2010


Business Informatics subject has the objective of integrating information technology or computer science and the field of business management into one field. It will assist professional in the industry embrace the New are of information technology in their management functions as well as groove the potential and future professionals in the field to entrench computer science into their future careers.


After going through the 12-lecture contents I have at last completed my Business informatics subject which has greatly highlighted on my present position and given mea direction of where I would like to be both in professional development and growth. Throughout this course my learning has been helped by sharing (discussions), participation and brainstorming of the course content. This has helped me to fully understand how a gap exists in the management field without computer science.

Workshop and Decision and choice

The workshop allows us to meet with our peers and learn from each other. This took most of my thinking. The decision and choice as an activity in this course has taken a center stage in my thinking. Analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company like is not easy task. Every company is subject to SWOT analysis and then a decision is there from made. The process of scanning the environment of such companies and analyzing its information as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats needs scrutiny.
The task of Business Analysis entails a lot of information consideration, these calls for a lot of time and resources. This is because in business analysis, there are different parts of the analysis such as the financial performance analysis, trend analysis, and managerial analysis among any others.


I have learnt that the presentation of annotated information should be in a professional way as well as in a business allowed style. The preparation of the business report will as well need to be in professional and business format. As such these activities will need a professional approach. In so doing I would approach these activities differently due to the professionalism needed.
In business informatics, the activity which I would have proffered to do more was on the SWOT analysis, business analysis. I would have preferred less time for activities such as business report and annotation as these tasks needed no novelty. The analysis of SWOT needs creativity and is not abstract as compared to the other activities. On the other had Business analysis spreadsheet is merely re[presenting information on a spread sheet and little time should be spent on it as it is is too abstract and calls for no new idea generation.

Usefulness of informatics

Business informatics combines three disciplines: informatics, information technology and management concepts. Informatics can be used in several fields including, medicine and business administration or business management. Informatics can be useful in business in the selection of raw materials- quality, human resource capital, in the problem solving for instance a decision support system that assists managers to make decisions accurately and in time. It can also be used in problem solving such as in the game theory of the firm among many other places.

In an organization, knowledge creation whether through individual learning or organizational learning is indispensable, this leads to the adoption of Business informatics as an aid to these learning. Communication in and organization is either vertical or horizontal. For the efficiency in the operations of an organization communication is vital. This is well done by the use informatics. Informatics such as the use of case tools helps in the discovery of new ways and products.

Record keeping is one of the major functions of an entity. Records are kept for not only reference but also for evidence. Records should be accurate and timely available. This may prove hard for the management without the use of informatics. For accessibility as well informatics is preferred more than any other system. It is a core business of managers to do organizing. Today’s firms are not only amorphous but also have grown too complex for understanding. This has led to the manager’s call for the informatics in organization. In any business and to every investor choice proves to be one of the hard decisions to be made. Choosing between different competing alternatives is not always easy. In addition due to the vested interests of decision makers, choice continues to prove hard for them. This calls for the employment of business informatics.


I have benefitted from the study of Business informatics in several ways:

1. Re-evaluation of where I was when related with my professional growth and development. This exercise has made me confront many issues positively.
2. Appreciation of the point that business informatics is the future in management of organizations.
3. I got opportunity to meet with my age mates and learn from each other
4. A clearer understanding the subject that the university offers.

Areas of Improvement

I think the time that is allocated for the workshop is little.

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