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Since the establishment of the Internet, several developments have taken place. These developments have changed the way businesses operate in the world. In particular, internet marketing is one of the key observable developments. Markets are complex and heterogeneous, and hence, comprehensive knowledge needs to be sought for relevant actions to be employed wen marketing a company’s products or services. The internet is a channel through which distribution, transactions and communication take place to enable retailing. There have been broad predictions concerning the implications of the internet marketing, and theeffects on the products and service markets (Conlin, The New Media and Marketing Landscape). Advertising products is an integral component for promoting and publicizing company’s brands. Each company is, therefore, required to build a close relationship with the customers. In the current era, companies are using the internet to build the trust that customers have towards hence enabling them and their products to increase their popularity (Conlin, The New Media and Marketing Landscape).. The aim of this letter is to provide detailed explanations on the state of internet marketing and its implications.
Internet marketing is currently, one the most efficient methods of improving the percentage sales of several businesses. This efficacy can be mainly attributed to the favorable costs related to advertising campaign, as well as in precision of reaching the intended target market. This translates to a higher return on investments when compared to other modes of marketing. When establishing internet marketing, an appropriate combination had to be sought between the technical and creative aspects in order to come up with improved productivity. An analysis of the intermediary functions of the internet showed a brought an understanding of the classification schemes used to make the online market effective. This has had a huge impact on the performance of products and service markets (Conlin, The New Media and Marketing Landscape).
Online marketing makes use of the interactive nature of the internet to publicize, and evoke real-time feedback in order to gain additional traffic to a website. In addition, work has to be done to manage digital customer data to make developments for the website (Conlin, Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century). The internet also connects users who have different tastes and preferences. As such, every advertising message needs to be addressed accordingly to make an appealing to the different people. Failure to acknowledge this stance could be detrimental, as the advertising message would be lost. To address this occurrence, approaches have to be devised so that the target is reached.
One of the approaches used is the Search Engine Optimization (S.O.E). This marketing tool is significant, and has gained popularity as a way of developing advertisements. The tool is used for listing purposes, owing to the massive growth of internet globally. It helps users to understand the ways of gaining quality traffic from the visitors, who search the web. This process helps website owners to get their websites indexed within dominating search engines such as Google, and Bing. The S.O.E focuses on tapping into internet traffic through the use of content and keywords. The use of content and keywords make it easier when carrying out a search. This process of marketing also creates an opportunity for companies that engage in online marketing make use of the S.O.E to advertise their websites and products thus enabling them to improve the sales exponentially. Moreover, the S.O.E analyses statistics that relate to website traffic and target visitors. The analysis also makes certain, the interest of the visitors, thus, enabling the company to make rational decisions in terms of advertising. The process entails use of manageable costs, which are optimized to result in a tremendous positive effect on the sale figures (Conlin, The New Media and Marketing Landscape).
The increasing rate of online marketing has resulted in a great significance for the past few years. As the time elapses the competition level is increasing as every seller tries to effectively create their niche in the online market. This has driven the offline market to incorporate internet marketing in their business strategies. Such companies aim to establish a share in the online market by winning the attention of customers when they attract them to purchase their products (Conlin, Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century).
There is a positive trend regarding computer literacy levels throughout the world. This is a sign that online marketing will grow globally at a massive rate; thus, it becomes essential for companies to invest in internet marketing in order to secure a portion in this market. In order to have an effective appeal on the market that exists online, companies interested should hire members of personnel who have good digital skills. The implication that arises is that the previous methods of advertising would decline in popularity, and become obsolete in the following years.
The online market can be rated as the most beneficial and simplest way of building the popularity of products in the modern generations. It has been established that a majority of the young generation, who form the largest market, are mainly attracted to shop online. This can be attributed to the availability of wide variety of products and businesses online. Additionally, online shopping is being regarded as fashionable for the modern generation. The support for immediate feedback by customers on the online market enables the entrepreneurs to modify their products in accordance to the requirements of the customers. This strategy helps improve on the number of sale.
Online companies such as Google and Facebook hold massive users’ information. The sites have trackers that determine the surfing behaviors of the users mainly regarding the sites and products they view. This information is analyzed and leveraged to business owners, who use it to customize their product’s advertisements. Different users receive advertisements that are tailored in a way that creates interest from the users. This is usually a great milestone in making a sale. Though the spending on Internet marketing has not yet had a large impact, experts in digital companies’ prospect that 80% of all the customer discretionary spending will be based on the online marketing, by 2015 (Conlin, Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century).
In conclusion, online marketing has provided several potential opportunities that business owners and upcoming companies can utilize, to boost the sale of their products and services. The services offered by the internet market are packed with several benefits that business owners stand to enjoy. Some of the benefits include; cost effective methods that result in higher return on investment, increased market share, and improved targeting of potential customers through advertisements. Moreover, the online market provides for S.O.E that helps increase website traffic as well as creating useful analysis regarding the marketing trends. This helps the particular business in making decisions pertaining to the target market.

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