Search activities of google tools


Search activities of Google tools (A). Introduction: The world of internet is very vast. It is not easy to find required information on internet. If we start our search without the help of any search engine then it will take months to find out our required information. May be it takes more than months as we don’t have exact idea what we are looking for? What we want to search? For overcoming these issues and minimizing the problems of searching lot of search engines are made by different companies. I have searched my information through many of those search engines, I have used almost every search engines e. g. AltaVista, yahoo and lot other search engines.
I was not sure about my required information; I was searching for information on American heart Association and I was not sure about its web address. So I written the American heart Association in the Google and then pressed the search button.
Figure 1 Searching about American Heart Association
After pressing the Google search button I found the following results:
Figure 2Results of search
I could not believe the results were so much accurate and exactly those I was expecting. You can see Google search engine provides Full details of searched items. It was not only showing exact web sites but also the main contents of that web site.
The value of Google in all the search engine is more because its speed is very fast and its results are also effective than other search engines. It searches exactly that information that we want. It takes very short time as compare to other search engines. So Google is more Efficient than others.
The results of Google Scholar are more efficient than other search tools. Below picture shows the functions of Google scholars where as other search engines have no efficient options like Google.
Figure 3 Shows the Results of Google Scholar
See the picture when ever we start search with Google scholar; it gives details of the writers of research papers on the lefts side. We can find the writers of specified research papers. Google Scholar is used to find out Journals and research papers. Google Scholars searches the papers and journals from all the libraries and it also give an option to find the required journal or paper through Web Search. In this way we can find the research paper about which we have no information through Web Search after knowing its details from Google Scholar.
If we see Useful activity in search: that is
Query Processing
Defaults matching all words in the query
Matches without case-sensitivity
Uses the Google query language, including Internet Query Operators – (minus) and “” (quotes) , along with the Boolean OR
Advanced search includes special fields such as URL and title, just like the google. com search
Metadata search options include exact matching, partial matching and whether the metadata field exists
Displays spellchecker ” did you mean?” for misspelled or mistyped words.
GSA: Query stemming and synonym lists for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.
If we take part D as which tool is best for search then we can say Google the best tool among all other tools as we have studied deeply about it. It is fast it is more accurate and it give exact results.
The most useful part of search activity of Google is advanced search. Through advanced search we can find exact phrase that matches our criteria. If you are a teacher then this advanced search Activity of Google gives you facility to check your student’s assignments against plagiarism. You can advance your search with the help of this activity.
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