Sample Essay On The Caw Cep Merger: A Political Reflection


Reflection of the CAW – CEP Merger

In this article, I learnt about how merging of two companies, the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and Communications, Energy and Paperworkers (CEP) can create employment opportunities and also create a movement that can shape the political history of a country. I also found out how important a private organization such as CEP and CAW, can be towards bringing change in the politics of a country. In addition, the merging of the two organizations is very instrumental in changing the lifestyle of many Canadian citizens by providing jobs and opening other avenues of income generation. I also learnt that workingtogether or working towards the same goal is much more important than working separately as is the case with these two organizations (Allen 225-226).
Reading this paper was also interesting in the sense that it made me think of the importance of deliberating on the terms and conditions for a merger to take place. All the expectations of the two organizations must be laid and then a conclusive agreement then be reached in order to avoid any future conflicts that may arise. The coming to work together of the two major organizations in Canada is a big step towards the fight against capitalism. Reading this paper made me think of a situation where it is possible to mobilize large masses of workers in the meaningful embrace of transforming the society towards democracy. I really liked the way the paper points the strategies laid out by both CEP and CAW with the aim of transforming the politics of Canada and the lives of its citizens to a better lifestyle. This is the same approach as that of organizations or companies practicing Cooperate Social Responsibility (Allen 227-228).

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