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High C.A.
High C.A.
When a business is growing, it is quite essential that the management design means to ensure that it’s successful. In this case, the business had decided to expand and go global. Therefore, various strategies must be put in place, to ensure that it will achieve its set goals and objectives. The main strategy is to split the management position into two: the top level management which will deal with strategic initiatives and planning of going global and the low level management which deals with normal operations of the firm. However, for any business thatis growing and expanding, it is faced with some challenges which must first be overcome.
High performers are individuals who stand out in any organization; they handle the difficult projects because they consistently exceed expectations. They have a good reputation of doing the job and ensuring that it is well done to satisfaction. Nevertheless, they may lack the desire and/ or potential in handling more advanced work. To keep the high performers motivated they need to be recognized once in a while.
Brian Kight, who is the director of Performance at Focus 3, warns that performance should not be the only criteria for evaluating employees, their potential must also be considered. For every manager, their desire is to ensure that their employees will be high performers and at the same time have high potential, which is quite difficult in the real world.
High-performing employees are fearless individuals who give their all in order to succeed. They are very appreciative of their accomplishments and mostly they cite their goals and means which they use in order to attain them. They also vigorously try to advance their performance since they judge themselves by what they have achieved.
On the other hand, a number of average performers may yearn to be high achievers, but they dearth the knowledge to achieve their objectives. They need motivation in order to achieve these goals; in most instances they lack the support from fellow employees to increase their productivity. Some employees will not be promoted to the management position; hence we have to figure a way in which we will keep them motivated and not to kill their job morale which can end up affecting their performance. Various strategies can be used among them include; creating a friendly environment.
The employees spend a big portion of their lives working in their office; thus it must be as friendly as possible. This means that they will work very hard and ensure better results. Build ownership of the business among the employees by ensuring that they take part in running the firm. Team work is one of the ways to ensure this strategy is possible a manager can use rotation as a means of ensure that every member has a chance to perform different obligations. They will get a feeling of ownership which ensures that the firm will not fail. Make the employees feel responsible for the performance of the firm, let them take pride when the firm achieves positive results, and this ensures that they remain motivated all the time. Decision making is one of the important roles, by brainstorming various ideas are proposed, and this ensures that the best decisions are implemented. Since the employees have extensive knowledge from different fields, brainstorming ensures that various possibilities are taken into consideration before settling on a final decision.
A manager can try and grant some employees new responsibilities this ensures that they advance and become bolder in their capabilities while making them feels more valuable to the organization. Specialization causes the employees to be comfortable doing one task over and over again. It’s quite risky though on the part of the manager in terms of productivity, but it is worth, it prevents workers from suffering from burn-out.
Always ensure that the employees are knowledgeable on what is operating on in the market and the firm. This kind of trust relationship between the management and employees ensures that they will not betray the firm and also ensures confidentiality. It gives them confidence by making them feel as though they form a significant component of the organization. The method used to relay information to and from the employees must also be reliable.
Remuneration is very important to employees, and most of the times it is the motivating factor, when employees are well compensated their performance at the firm is quite high. Thus, when a deal is made on the means of compensation, it must be followed. There are other packages that accompany salaries for instance: contributions to a pension scheme, medical bills payments, children fees payments, travelling and entertainment allowances among others. When incorporated they are also a source of motivation to the employees.
The procedure used in giving promotions must be free and fair; it must be based on performance of an individual. Once a group of employees disagrees with the management on this, it can lead to chaos in the work place such as absenteeism, poor performance, and theft among other social evils.


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