Role Of Human Resource Management Report Samples


Human Resource Management is of the greatest importance for any organization as human beings are a driving force and the role of managing human resources cannot be overemphasized.
The company’s productivity is determined by its human capital; thus, implementation of human resource ideas is crucial for the company’s success. Due to the HR Department, organizations are able to coordinate employees and implement strategies needed to improve the success rates of the companies.
Human resource management is not just about the personnel management. But today we face the necessity to develop the company’s personnel as they knowthe company from inside and an employee who has been working for the company for many years and then promoted to a new position will be more effective than a new employee hired from outside the company. Thus, a modern Human Resource Department includes human resource management and human resource development.
Human resource development includes organizational development, career development and training. On the other hand, human resource management includes providing assistance to employees, working on Compensation and benefits plans, dealing with unions, etc. Definitely, both human resource management and human resource development are crucial for the companies to reach their short-term and long-term goals.
First of all, Human Resource Department is responsible for creating a safe work environment. It is necessary for the HR managers to ensure that there are no hazards at the workplace to avoid on-the-job injuries. Human resource management will help the company lower the expenses for insurance coverage if a well-developed strategic plan is implemented by the HR Department.
Also, Human Resource Department holds the responsibility for selecting and hiring new staff. Employees are those people who work hard to help the company meet its goals. Employees are a core of every company and it is of the greatest importance to find the right people. Thus, implementation of the HR strategic plan will let the HR managers be on the top of the employee market and select the best people who will help the company increase its productivity and profits.
Another key role of Human resource management is providing trainings for the people working at the company. Firstly, it is a part of the strategic HR plan to train the employees to prepare them for the future positions. Secondly, training and HR development are needed to meet the needs of the company that will arise at some point of the working process. Finally, training motivates the staff and sometimes improves retention.
Also, it is obligatory for the HR Department to make sure that all national regulations are followed during the working process of the company. Laws and regulations may differ from country to country and Human resource managers are responsible for ensuring that the company operates within the legal framework.
When a corporation prepares to enter a foreign market, it is necessary to adjust the company’s HR structure to the regulatory requirements of another country. Usually, national laws play an important role in shaping the strategies of the company and it should manage its workforce in accordance to such laws and regulations.
Today, Human Resource Management plays a key role in modern organizations. Nowadays, companies can benefit from implementation of effective human resources strategies as they help the company meet its goals in operation, production, distribution and other steps of a working process. Thus, Human Resource Management is of the greatest importance for modern day organizations.

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