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PepsiCo SWOT


They support efforts to keep clean fresh water in many nations around the world. 8. They do well at adapting to the changing market. 9. They seek to create a healthier intake offoodand beverage choices. 10. Pepsi partners with many other well-known food options. (e. Auditor, pup, Tropical) Ten major weaknesses: 1 . Coca-Cola is overall a more well-known company worldwide. 2. Pepsi seems to depend a large majority of sales on large retail stores. 3. There prices tend to be lower bringing in less revenue annually. 4. Brand awareness is not as well known in he western United States. . Some products that they are a part of are seasonal products. 6. Pepsi depends a large percentage on store like Walter and Cam’s club at 11%. (Form 10-K, p. 6) 7. The company does not market the differences between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. 8. Pepsi does not highlight its higher quality products. 9. Pepsi risks the competitiveness of its company and its products if there were to be changes in legal realm. 10. With the desire for the company to grow Pepsi could expand its products into economies in other countries that are not stable therefore causing Pepsi to suffer financially.

Ten major opportunities: 1. Pepsi has great opportunities to grow with their brand awareness. 2. Pepsi can expand their market into different countries. 3. The company can focus on the markets that they are already in to grow its influence. 4. Pepsi can expand into healthier eating and drinking options. 5. The company can continue to invest and partner with major food and beverage brands. 6. Growth rates of markets are increasing and are estimated by 2030 an extra three billion my Join the middle class. Annual Report, p. 5) 7.

People are buying betterhealthconscious foods giving Pepsi and upper hand. 8. The opportunity to develop more high-tech machines for Pepsi products. 9. Pepsi could expand in there food and beverage markets to meet more demand. 10. Pepsi could expand in providing there beverages in more vender stores or restaurant. Ten major threats: PepsiCo SOOT By advisory 2. An economic downturn that would customers to only buy the essential items to survive. 3. The change in a desired taste. 4. Subjectivity with intellectual property