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Indomie Pomotion Mix


Description Seth Gooding, a best selling-writer of Marketing once said, “Marketing is a Contest for People Attention. “. A simple yet meaningful quote sums up of how marketing should work. It should be leaned on a form ofcommunicationwhich attract people attention and further influence them to buy the product. This idea is known as Promotion. Promotion is arguably as the most important part of marketing mix. Because without any promotions, no matter how great the idea is, or how the competitive the price Is, It will be no availed.

Good promotions will bring Influence ND attracting potential buyers In deciding what products they will buy. Especially, In a very competitive market conditions, even a little advantages in Promotion enough to make differences between a firms to another. Put it simply good promotion, moremoney. In reaching this goal a Marketing Manager has to modify and combine several different methods of Promotions which can bring maximal Influence for the customer, which is called Promotion Blend. The Kyoto make a good promotion blends from different promotion methods, such as TV advertising,Social MediaPublicity and

Sales Promotion, is to know all pros and cons, sticking to marketing objectives, and define the life cycle of product promoted. 2. Related Theories 2. 1 Definition of Promotion (J. P Cannon, Ph. D, W. D. Perpetual,Jar. And E. J. McCarthy, Basic Marketing, A global- managerial Approach, 19th) Promotion is communicating information between the seller and potential buyer or others in the channel to influence the attitudes and behavior. Promotion must be fitted In a specific target market and also has to be related with another aspect of Marketing Mix. 2. 2 Promotion Methods There are several Methods of Promotion available:

Personal Selling Mass Selling Involves Communicating large numbers of customer, usually less flexible. But cheaper than personal selling. Examples of this method is Advertising which is paid Usage of media such as TV Newspaper, Billboard ETC Publicity Free or unpaid form of personal presentation of Ideas or products such as Press Releases. Other Examples Is usage of Internet, such as Internet message or links Sales Promotion It refers to activities that stimulates trial or purchases by the customer in the channels. This method is planned for faster result relative to other method.

Promotion Objectives & Communications 2. 3 Promotions Objectives The ultimate objective of promotion is to encourage customer to buy the product. But 1 OFF the promotion is largely dependable to the market or the seller. For example, a product released of a well known Company will have different approach than new established one Basically there are 3 Promotion objectives that can be categorized, and each of this has different orientation. Informing objective, is more oriented to new release of a product, but persuading is largely used for competitive market, the last one reminding is suited for an established brand.

There are also another classification based on Action which is Called AID Model Promotion Objectives Adoption Process AID Model Informing Awareness – Interest Attention-Interest Persuading Evaluation- Trial Desire Reminding Decision-confirmation Action 2. 4 Effective Communication on Promotion Promotion is wasted if it’s not communicated effectively. The main reasons for these are Noises Misinterpretation Example of Communication Process 2. 5 How Promotion Plans Blended and Integrated There are 2 types of promotion effort approaches Pushing through channel: Normal Promotion Effort.

This approaches use intermediaries and emphasizes on importance of securing channels and to the final user. The Sales relates directly to retailers and wholesaler, and because of the nature of competition, usually the Company will make short arrangement that are more beneficial than the competitors to ensure retailers will buy all the product. Pulling by customer (Requesting Product) This approaches ensure customer to ask intermediaries the products. 2. 5. 2 Promotions blends over life cycle Promotion blends likely to change its objectives, based on the different life cycles stages Introduction: Informing about Products

Growth: Emphasizing in stimulating demand or persuading Maturity: Promotion should relied on mass selling or selling promotion. If firm already well established, usually it has competitive advantage- Decline: Promotion cost are lowered to prevent lost, and sales are more oriented to specific market 3. Profile brand in Indonesia and how it become irreplaceable in its market for more than 3 decades. This paper will also further explore few important examples of this brand promotion media and tools. The name of this product is Indore Indore, which is an Instant Noodle produced by Indoors SETI Maker is more than Just a brand.

It’s the worlds largest instant noodle manufacturer founded in 1982 by Mr. Siding Salami. It’s deeply rooted as afoodthat binds with IndonesianCulture, with different kind of customer, rich poor, old or young, On the tallest building on Jakarta, or coldest peak in Budgeting. Indore is also distributed in more than 10 countries. Even “Indore” word has become a synonym word for Instant Noodle. For years Indore has won many award such as Most Valuable Product, Top Brand for Kids, Indonesia Best Brand Award, The Most Effective Ad, Indonesia Best Packaging Award, Encourage Assail

Proud Indonesia, and The Most Powerful Distribution Performance. This shows how huge the brand 4. Analysis 4. 1 Personal Selling Strategy As a famous and accomplished brand, Indore doesn’t rely on Personal Selling Strategy anymore. This further shown by lack of sales or personal seller employed by Indoors 4. 2 Mass Selling StrategyAdvertisement1. Media TV In this era of consumptive and modern lifestyle, the Television is arguably the center of all media and its influence can’t be ignored. So television Commercial promotion is always become the promotional of promotion.

This is what Indoors do correctly. For example, many of the commercials of Indore has ass Length, and some of it, even pass one minute duration. This might be sounds expensive, but for a Market Leader, this kind of advertisement is to be expected. Also, there are few points of Promotion that is very well executed by Indoors n the commercial: Catchy Tagging “Monodies, seller’s” is a well known tagging. This simple statement fills the objective of promotion which is Reminding. Indore has already an established brand, and there is no need to persuade or trying.

Indoors choose a simple way to remind people about Indore. Also, this simple tagging will not allow any misinterpretation. Commercial As a market leader, Indies’s commercial is always highlighting at the nation- acknowledgement of the product. Many of the Commercial shows the nature and culture of Indonesia. Indoors knows that Indore has become a cultured product, and thus, using this as an advantages against its competitors In Introducing New type of Product When releasing new types of product. Mime Rending and Mime Cable ‘Jog, Indoors based on the uniqueness of the product.

It fulfills the objective of Promotions, which are Informing and persuading the customer. 2. Bill board and Newspaper Indore doesn’t rely on these types of mass selling as promotion blend. Compared to TV, the Billboard or any conventional means of Advertising is relatively low. The Numbers of billboard isn’t as many as Cellophane provider or Cigarette company which are the main user of bill board. 3. Internet based promotion. Much like printed types of advertisement, Indoors also doesn’t really use the internet as a mass selling advertisement. But The faceable page of Indore is quite popular.

With more than 600 thousand likes. Publicity As a well known and established product, Indoors rarely used any Publicity moves such as press releases. Let also related to the type of product. Indore, which is a food brand isn’t often to release new type of product. 4. 3 Sales Promotion Aimed at Final Customer Jingle Dare Contest In 2008, Indore released a contest which objective is to create its new Jingle. This contest generates many participants especially younger people andhigh school students. By using this contest, it sparks attention to people.

Even though the numbers of participants are not necessarily reflect the number of increasing customers, but It surely generates the hype and reminds potential customer of the product. Pap Criteria Contest In 2011, a very interesting advertising Commercial from Indore aired on television and Radio. The advertisement tells us about a person story about Indore. So Indoors encourages people to send their story to email, and those who are lucky, can have their story be shown on Commercial. This also generates people attention for the Brand itself.

While not many stories being made to commercial, but this sales promotion has successfully, increase the attentions of customer. Online Contest Indore has also successfully create contest in Social Media, such as “Foot Barren Undermine”. This sales promotion, is targeted to younger markets. Aimed at Wholesalers Wrung Kopi Partnership In Guajarati and few other cities, If someone wants to open a wrung kopi booth. They can get discounted price if they lay a banner on their wrung Kopi. This is one of the approaches of promotion, known as Pushing, an approaches focuses on giving intermediaries facilities. Medium Bertram Peddling Indore Indoors also facilitates those Worktop Retailers to go back to hometown every idol flirt for free. This is also a way to make sure that those intermediaries have more incentives to buy Indore, not other brands. These Wholesaler oriented strategies is often become decisive and crucial. Because, many of Indore bought, isn’t directly from Indoors, nor from the big retailers, but from these small retailers. By keeping good relationship and shares benefits with them, it will ensure that Indore will be he first choice for final customers.

For years, Indore stance as the number one Instant noodle brand in Indonesia, is unquestionable. But suddenly, In 2003, Windproof release a brand named Mime Sedan. With its “Shrink” fried onion and its Massive stream of commercials, suddenly Mime Sedan is threatening Indore throne. This unprecedented entrance has caught Indore off guard. Surely and Slowly, Indore faced a fierce competitor which has taken a large chunk of the market Mime Sedan from Indoors, penetrate the market with yet simple but effective Promotion Blend: Heavy Advertising Mime sedan released many creative Advertising especially in Television.

But these, Massive airings of Commercial isn’t hastily made. These Commercials are often highlighting Mime Sedan superiority over other brand such as Use of Crispy Fried Onion, and thicker sauce. Also Mime Sedan successfully maximize the brand name, to make customer orientating their brand to “Sedan” which means delicious. Another key to the this promotion blend, is the one minute long Advertisements. With brand Ambassador like Paid. Mime Sedan has successfully creates “grand” feeling of its ads . Counter by Indore Finally in 2005, Indoors launches many commercials and heavy promotions to counter Mime Sedan.

One minute TV commercial which objectives it for reminding people that Indore is the pioneer of Instant Noodle is shown repeatedly and many new tastiness are created . Also, sales promotion such as Jingle Contest is aired to generate attention for younger audience. The main objectives of promotion blend for Indore, is changing. It’s no longer based on Reminding,because its clearly not enough but also Persuading people. Indore successfully exploits the fact that Indore has been a top of the mind product for a long time and this is a competitive advantages over mime sedan.

By persuading people that Indore, is still number one in Indonesia and with helps of massive advertising and sales promotion, the Market is slowly gained back. The shift on the market slowly changes to opposite direction towards Indore. Conclusion Indore has been a widely known brand of Instant Noodle. Even the brand of product has become a word synonym to instant noodle. As expected, nearly all of their Promotions Method and blends concentrates, not on why they should buy it, but why they souls keep buying it.

As a market leader and a product at its maturity, the objective of Indoors is to keep reminding the costumer of their product. So That they won’t have change of hearts and buy other brand. Their Promotion blends consist of conventional and digital means. Although it’s primarily relies on TV and Radio as the main tools. Also, Indoors focused on Pushing Strategy, which oriented to wholesaler not Just end customer. But there is also a point that has to be highlighted. Because of sudden entrance of competitors, the Promotion blend of Indore has to be changed.

This further shows, that in a good marketing Decision, right promotional decision, it will contribute directly to the longevity of the products in surviving the market. By maintaining the competitive advantage of its own brand and keeping the right promotion blend available Indore will and still is the number one in the market.