Good Essay On Electrical Engineering


Introduction to Electrical Engineering

Electronic gadgets are in great demands today because of the evolution of high technology and advancement of internet connection. People are always finding something new, so, many companies are giving funds for research. With the help of electrical engineers, companies are providing new gadgets every now and then to surpass the features of the previous gadgets that they have been produced.
In order for the students to solve complexities of a problem, electrical engineering program gives an opportunity to learn new things by experimentation and analytic solving. Therefore, this program mainly tackles mathematics and science. Because of experimentation andanalytical solving, students will be guaranteed of having a solid foundation in advanced study in digital systems, communications, microelectronics, etc. This means that these students might provide new electronic gadgets while studying if they will take the advance subjects of the discipline. (UT Dallas)
In order to acquire this engineering program, students from high school need a strong preparation. If a student planned to become an electronic engineer, they must prepare a year of each subjects in elementary algebra, intermediate and advanced algebra, plane geometry, chemistry, and physics. Also, at least half a year in trigonometry. Attaining good grades on these subjects will give strong foundation in advanced and demanding subjects in college like calculus, calculus-based physics, and chemistry in science majors. Since one of the requirements is having a good communication skill, it is required that the students are fast readers with great comprehension for them to become efficient in studies and work. Also, in this way, they can have sufficient time to think of resolving some complex problems. Then, the writing skills is also a factor in this program. As much as possible, pre-engineering students are required to write that can be understood by writing clearly and correctly. (UT Dallas)
This program has a broad application in the society by the technology that is in it. If they will adapt in these subjects providing good grades in the program, then, they will have good foundation in one of the areas of electrical engineering like electrical networks, electronics, electromagnets, computers, communications, and digital system. These areas of the program are in demand particularly in technology. Application of such study will broaden and develop their expertise to their point of interest. This will give advancements on the rapidly changing and growing discipline to accompany the society’s ever changing and growing demands on the features of the electronic gadgets. The requirements of the program sounds challenging but the students will be assured to have better jobs after graduating. They can also pursue post-baccalaureate degrees to improve their skills. (UT Dallas)

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