Free Ways Of Dealing With A Bad Boss Case Study Example


The best respondent in the Bad Boss story is Gini Graham Scott. This is because she acknowledges that despite the fact that the boss is bad. David should not quit the company and work with Irving since there are many crazy bosses in the world and therefore, Irving may be a bad boss also. She advocates that David should remain and work under Commodore and try and solve the problems that exist between with his boss. She suggests that David should set some networks with the other employees because they are all suffering from the leadership of their badboss.
This is true because Steve also suffers harassment from the boss despite being his financial secretary. In the employee’s network that David will create, he should exclude Lolelei because there is some sort of personal relationship with the boss. This is explained when the boss gathers all the subordinates and claims to acknowledge an employee who has contributed to the success of the company. Commodore acknowledges Lolelei, yet she is only an intern and fails to acknowledge the efforts of other long serving employees such as Hellen, David and Steve. The boss chooses to acknowledge Lolelei just because she rearranged his files in the cabinet something Hellen had done but she was never acknowledged. It is claimed that Commodore recognized Lolelei because her father was the head of purchasing.
Scott indicated that if David chooses to stay, he should accept the decision so as to avoid mental and emotional stress and to avoid feeling victimized and also, to avoid frustrations from his boss. He should learn to work how the boss wants so as to avoid complications and also, to avoid making himself feel that the boss does not acknowledge his dash-board. This is indicated when the boss flips over davits dashboards and claims that they are too red and he should make them a bit sexier. He should learn to follow the orders from his boss and draw his dashboards according to the way Commodore wants them to look even if it seems impossible.
David should also try and talk out some of the issues affecting him in the work place with Commodore. He can do it face to face or through writing, this may improve their working relationship and David will end up leading a more enjoyable relationship with his boss than it is currently. He should try and talk to his boss about matters like him calling him at 5:30 in the morning and also reporting to work at 6 in the morning, yet there is not any matter that requires urgent care of David.
As Scott indicates, Avid should try and find pleasure from things outside the workplace. Acceptance is easier because the boss does not dominate his life. He should come up with activities that will be making him long for the working hours to end so that he can go have fun, he could also add favorite pictures in his workplace that will relieve him from stress when he is under pressure from his boss. David should also make the best of the situation. He should do this in a non-confidential way and try and make his boss change some of his behaviors. He can achieve this by initiating a talk with his boss focusing on his work rather than the actions of his boss. He should inquire to know what his boss wants from him and as soon as he gets to learn about what is expected from him, he should express his desires too to Commodore on how to meet them and also give some ideas on how they could achieve those expectations.